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Healthcare Analytics

Post by Hamid Al-Azzawe

Vice President of Engineering, Caradigm

The world of healthcare has witnessed a major paradigm shift this past decade instigated by the now widespread use of electronic medical records and medical informatics.  This new world of electronically entered, stored, and exchanged medical information has all but eliminated the numerous shortfalls of the departed world of folder and paper medical records.

This shift is ongoing with new focus on accountable, affordable, high quality and patient-centric healthcare.  Technological advancements in analytics and big data also hold great promise for healthcare organizations as they embark upon this new era of medical services.

Although relatively new to healthcare IT, analytics and big data are well established technologies.  While working in the Bing group at Microsoft, I was in charge of the monitoring team where we built fairly complex subsystems for capturing, collecting and aggregating multiple petabytes of data on a daily basis from upward of a million servers hosted in Microsoft data centers worldwide.  The solutions we built provided near real-time insight from this data, which enabled us to support operational and strategic business decisions and actions.

Realizing the benefits and promise of these analytics and big data in other industries, the media is beginning to create a lot of hype about how these technologies can help transform healthcare.  Established companies, such as IBM, and new startups, have entered the race to turn this hype into reality; however, the intricacies of healthcare make it quite challenging to use these technologies to their full potential.

Caradigm’s analytics vision, described in this short whitepaper, is focused on enabling clinical analysts to derive insight from data and drive actions through decision support.

CIPAnalytics (2)

I firmly believe that by leveraging both analytics and big data in our intelligence platform, and delivering a growing portfolio of population health management and analytics solutions, Caradigm will enable healthcare providers to flourish in the new era of accountable quality healthcare and services.  The race is definitely heating up!